Recorder for lavalier microphone


The DR-10C-series recorders connect to your lavalier microphone to create a compact recording system that fits on a belt pack. The DR-10CS is designed for use with Sennheiser microphones.

The DR-10C recorders have both inputs and outputs, so they can either be used standalone or with a wireless transmitter. When used with a transmitter, the unit acts as a backup to protect against wireless dropouts during recording. For lectures or worship services, the DR-10C can record the entire program before it gets to the front of house system. And for events like weddings and reality TV production, the DR-10C is a compact recording system for body mics.

The lightweight DR-10C runs for hours on a single AAA battery. It records to standard microSD media. Recording features include auto-gain and a low-cut filter for simple setup. Its Dual Recording feature records a safety track of your audio at a lower level, so in case of distortion you have a non-clipped backup.

  • 48kHz/24-bit linear PCM mono recording
  • WAV files (compatible with BWF format)
  • Media: microSD/SDHC cards (supports 32GB capacities)
  • Sliding record switch and hold function to prevent misoperation during recording
  • Dual recording function
  • automatic file closing function to prevent the loss of already recorded data
  • High/Mid/Low recording level settings
  • Low-cut filter
  • Limiter
  • Automatic level function
  • With a built-in clock function, supports BWF files that can have time information added - convenient for editing and searching
  • Time track incrementing function can create new files at regular intervals (about every 15 minutes) during recording
  • Playback function allows recorded data to be checked immediately
  • Headphone output
  • Easy-to-read organic EL display
  • micro USB B port enables easy data exchange with computers
  • Records at least 10 hours on a single AAA battery * using alkaline batteries (EVOLTA)
  • Unit settings can be created and transferred as a computer text file
  • Settings can be transferred between DR-10C units using the infrared transmission function
  • Firmware can be updated using a microSD card
  • Belt clip included
  • Silicon band that can be used to attach the unit to a transmitter included
  • Custom case for storing the unit and accessories included
  • RoHS-compliant product
  • Support for MP3 recording at both 128kbps and 192kbps
  • Level meters are now active during both recording and playback
  • Independent level settings are now supported within the dual recording function
  • POLY file dual recording is now possible
  • Overall performance enhanced

* DR-10CH, AK-DR10CH, and AK-DR10CR have been discontinued. Only the 3.5mm jack plug type DR-10CS is currently available.


Recording media microSD card(64MB to 2GB),
microSDHC card(4GB to 32GB)
Media discharging Push-Push type (Guard cover mounted)
Recording format  
WAV 44.1k/48kHz, 16/24bit mono/poly WAV (BWF format)
WAV 44.1k/48k Hz, 16/24 bit mono/poly (BWF format)
MP3 44.1k/48kHz, 24bit mono/poly
Recording 128k/192k bps
Playback 32k to 320k bps
Analog audio Inputs  
Connector More info for Pin Assign, please click here
DR-10CS Compatible with SENNHEISER
3.5mm(1/8") TRS jack with screw lock
Compatible with SHURE
Mini XLR 4pin, Male (TA4M adapter)
AK-DR10CR Compatible with SONY
Hirose 4pin Female KMC-9BPD-4S (SMC9-4S adapter)
Compatible with RAMSA
Hirose 4pin Female KMC-9BPD-4S (KMC-9BRF-4S adapter)

* Please utilize the slide switch for SONY / RAMSA selection.
MIC input gain LOW / MID / HIGH
Input impedance 32kohm or more
Connector 3.5mm(1/8") stereo mini jack (DUAL MONO)
Connector Micro-B type 4pin
Protocol USB2.0 HIGH SPEED mass storage class
Power 1 AAA battery (Alkaline battery/ Ni-MH battery / Lithium battery),
USB bus power
Power consumption 0.45W
Battery operation time WAV,24 bit / 48kHz Rec, without headphones, limiter : OFF , Dual Rec : OFF , JEITA Rec
Alkaline battery (EVOLTA) Approx 10 hours
Ni-MH battery (eneloop) Approx 8 hours
lithium battery (Energizer ULTIMATE LITHIUM) Approx 15.5 hours
Battery (RTC) Lithium × 1(built in with soldering)
DR-10CS / DR-10CH 52(W) × 55.6(H) × 24.4(D) mm
2.0(W) × 2.2(H) × 1.0(D) inch
AK-DR10CH 49.2(W) × 20.9(H) × 19.2(D) mm
1.9(W) × 0.8(H) × 0.8(D) inch
AK-DR10CR 49.2(W) × 20.9(H) × 21.5(D) mm
1.9(W) × 0.8(H) × 0.8(D) inch
DR-10CS / DR-10CH 63g (including battery) / 51g (without battery)
AK-DR10CH 16.3g
AK-DR10CR 16g
Operating temperature 0˚C to 40˚C
DR-10CS / DR-10CH USB cable,Connection cable, Carrying case, Clip, Belt, Owner's Manual (including warranty)
AK-DR10CH / AK-DR10CR Connection cable, Spare screws × 3


Audio performance

Frequency response 20Hz to 22kHz +1/-2dB (IN to PHONES)


DR-10C Series Pin Assign


DR-10C Series
SENNHEISER Compatibility
Tip : Mic (Bias) When use the DR-10C with a mic, select "MIC BIAS" under Menu, and switch to "ON" for the mic bias supply from the unit itself.
Ring : Line IN-OUT Connection. (Not available for DR-10C)
Sleeve : GND  


DR-10C Series
SHURE Compatibility   
1 : Ground  
2 : +5VDC Bias When use the DR-10C with a mic, select "MIC BIAS" under Menu, and switch to "ON" for the mic bias supply from the unit itself.
3 : Audio  
4 : Active Load Two-way IN-OUT connection. Internal Audio is available in the DR-10C.


DR-10C Series

* Please utilize the slide switch for SONY / RAMSA selection.
SONY Compatibility   
1 : +5V When use the DR-10C with a mic, select "MIC BIAS" under Menu, and switch to "ON" for the mic bias supply from the unit itself.
2 : HOT Two-way IN-OUT connection. Not available in the DR-10C.
3 : COLD  
4 : GND  

RAMSA Compatibility   
1 : HOT  
2 : HOT Two-way IN-OUT connection. it does not support 2pin on a mic.
3 : +3.5V When use the DR-10C with a mic, select "MIC BIAS" under Menu, and switch to "ON" for the mic bias supply from the unit itself.
4 : GND  


DR-10C Series Tested Transmitter and Lavalier Microphone List

Last update : January 22, 2018
Transmitter SK 100, SK 300, AVX, SK D1
Lavalier Microphone ME 2, ME 2-US, ME 2-II, ME 4, MKE 1-ew, MKE 2-ew
Transmitter RODELink Filmmaker Kit
Lavalier Microphone RODELink Filmmaker Kit
Transmitter UTX-B03
Lavalier Microphone ECM-V1BMP (included in the UMP-D11 bundle)
NOTE: Please make sure to use the ECM-V1BMP microphone in combination with the UTX-B03 transmitter.
The DR-10C and the ECM-V1BMP microphone have a different pin assignment, thefore the DR-10C does not supply mic bias. Turn OFF the DR-10C "MIC BIAS" and proceed to use the mic bias supply from the UTX-B03 unit.
Different pin assignments won't cause damage to the equipment in use.


Transmitter UR1M, ULX1, SLX1, FP1
Lavalier Microphone WL183, WL184, WL185, WL93


Transmitter WRT-850
Lavalier Microphone ECM-77BC
Transmitter WX-TB841, WX-TB840, WX-DT130
Lavalier Microphone WM-LA02, WM-LA004