Balance your microphone easily despite the space capacity


* TM-AM1 includes a microphone stand and a 3/8" - 5/8" conversion adapter. Other accessories shown in the image are not included.
* If your require the height adjustment of the second boom, we recommand you to expand the height of second boom all the way in order to utilize the function of its counter weight.

TM-AM1 is a microphone stand with counterweight which has generally been used in recording studio. It is suitable for recordings with condenser microphone by placing it in rooms or soundproofed vocal booths. 

Counter weight adds balance to your mic to keep it stable. In addition, the height of the second boom can be expanded to adjust the position in order to easily setup your mic even in a small room.

Counter weight adds balance when a microphone is positioned

Sometimes the weight of larger mics such as condenser microphones often used for recording can cause the microphone to slip out of position while in use. The TM-AM1 is equipped with a counterweight to balance the weight of the microphone and prevent the second boom from moving.

Expandable second boom enables easy setup even in a small room

The mic also features an expandable second boom that can be connected to the center shaft. The height of the second boom can be adjusted between 58 and 90 cm, making it an ideal option for use in small spaces such as vocal booths as it means space won't be taken up unnecessarily by a microphone stand.

* When the second boom is used for expansion, please expand its length towards the end side.

Wide range of height adjustment (Center gravity: 90cm~142cm) provides flexibility for vocal recordings and other applications

The height of the main pole on the TM-AM1 can also be adjusted so the microphone can be positioned lower and higher as needed. The highly adjustable TM-AM1 is the perfect choice for a wide variety of uses other than vocal recordings.

Included a 3/8" - 5/8" mic screw adapter

Depends on the manufacturer, some microphones may not be able to mount to the mic screw due to different sizes. Especially most of the mic screws are designed either in the size of 3/8"(AKG spec) or 5/8"(SHURE spec) as both are mainly used in the field. Therefore, a mic screw adapter is included for versatility that allows you to use it on any microphone you desire.

  • Counter weight adds balance when microphones are positioned
  • height adjustment range for Center Shaft:90cm~142cm
  • Height adjustment range for second boom:58cm~93cm
  • Foldable
  • Included 3/8”-5/8” mic screw adapter
crew dia. 5/8"
Dimension 650(W) × 1,000(H) × 570(D) mm / 25.6"(W) × 39.4"(H) × 22.4"(D)
Weight 3.6kg / 7.9lb
Accessories 3/8” - 5/8” conversion adapter