TG 500H-D

TG 500H-D

TG 500

Trasmettitore mano TG 500 con capsula TG V50


The handheld transmitters from the new TG 500 series provide firm grip, sit perfectly balanced in the hand and also have an outstandingly pleasant touch and feel. The transmission power can be switched between 10 mW and 50 mW. Handheld impress in practical situations with it light weight (230 g). Settings are simple to configure on the receivers and are relayed to the transmitters both quickly and easily by means of infrared synchronization. The integrated pilot tone function ensures interference-free transmission and gives a warning when the battery power is running low. All transmitters are equipped with an LC display and a programmable mute button.

A battery life of ten hours guarantees uninterrupted operation, even during extended events. As an alternative to batteries, the transmitters can also be operated using standard NiMH batteries which can be charged using the optional WA-CD charging dock without the need to remove them from the devices.

  • outstandingly pleasant touch and feel and programmable power lock
  • dynamic TG V50 capsule
  • Infra-Red synchronization for relaying settings from receiver to transmitter
  • LC-Display
  • 2-level Gain- Switch
  • Programmable Mute- Button
  • Battery charge level display
  • Battery life time approx. 10 hours with 2 x 1,5 V AA batteries
  • Up to 120 m working range
  • synchronization of receiver and transmitter below one second
  • Charging Contacts for WA-CD
  • Removable belt clips for horizontal & vertical mounting
  • Pilot tone function
  • incl. batteries and bag


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