TG 100 Beltpack Set

TG 100 Beltpack Set

TG 100

VHF wireless microphone


The TG 100 is the first entry-level wireless system that includes a pilot tone functionwhich provides a lot of advantages. Speech clarity combined with user-friendly handling and improved protection against interference makes the TG 100 a handy all-round wireless system. Developed for smaller sound installations as well as for ambitious hobby musicians the TG 100 wireless system is equally adept to both speech and singing. The beltpack set makes the TG 100 wireless system an ideal tool for a wide range of events. From a presentation to an energetic sports event: While the sound switch provides speech clarity, the neckworn headset always guarantees a perfect fit and maximum flexibility.

  • Pilot Tone Function  
  • Sound Switch
  • Professional Diversity Receiver
  • 24 Channels
  • 10 h Battery Operation

The beltpack set includes:

  • TG 100 receiver
  • TG 100 beltpack
  • TG H34c
  • Power supply
  • Batteries
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