TG I52

TG I52

TG Instrumental

Dynamic clip-on microphone (hypercardioid) for wind instruments


The powerful sound of the dynamic clip microphone TG I 52 is specially designed 
for brass instruments such as trumpets and trombones.  

It functions best with high sound levels and the hypercardioid polar pattern delivers extremely good channel separation and maximum feedback rejection.  

The practical rubberised clip-on mount also ensures a secure hold, protects the instrument and provides very good isolation from physical vibration. The flexible gooseneck allows it to be optimally positioned relative to the sound source. Cable length is 3 m.

Sound Channeling Technology: 

  • Treble resonator for optimal high-frequency reproduction 
  • Special sound holes with acoustic fabric for maximum frequency independence and a frequency-independent polar pattern 
Price category   Entry level
Transducer type   Moving coil (dynamic)
Polar pattern microphone   Hypercardiod
Microphone frequency response   40 - 12.000 Hz 
Dimensions   Length: 170 mm; Head diameter: 23 mm 
Net weight without packaging   114 g
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