TG D58

TG D58

TG Drum

Microfono clip-on a condensatore (cardioide) per batteria e percussioni


The practical advantages of the patented microphone clamp on the TG D58 condenser microphone are immediately apparent whether when using with rack toms, snare drums or percussion instruments: the microphone can be mounted and positioned quickly and securely. 

The balanced frequency response also makes it immediately ready for use. Pre-amplifiers are a thing of the past due to the integrated pre-amplifiers with downward-facing standard XLR connections. Its ability to operate at high levels compared to the previous model Opus 88 should also be mentioned, as is the newly designed, low-resonance housing, the elastic capsule suspension, the improved signal-to-noise ratio and technical values that remain valid even with phantom powering below 44 volts. 

Sound Channeling Technology: 

  • Optimally positioned treble resonator for optimised high-frequency reproduction
  • 2nd treble resonator within the system
  • Special sound holes for a frequencyindependent polar pattern
Price category   Mid-level
Transducer type   Electret condenser
Polar patternmicrophone   Cardioid
Microphone frequency response   30 - 20.000 Hz
Dimensions   Clamp (W x H): 85 x 118 mm; Gooseneck length: 20 mm; Total length: 120 mm
Net weight without packaging   138 g

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