MCE 85 BA Full Camera Kit

MCE 85 BA Full Camera Kit

Serie MCE

MCE 85 BA including Rycote Universal Camera Kit


The Rycote Universal Camera Kit is an all-in-one suspension and windshield kit for DV-cameras with miniscreen windshield, windjammer, InVision video Hot Shoe and Multi-purpose shock mount fitting – essential für professional requirements, to achieve perfect audio recordings.

  • MCE 85 BA
  • AA Battery
  • Cable MVK 86-K3 with 3-pin XLR to 3-pin mini-jack
  • Rycote Miniscreen Windshield
  • Rycote Miniscreen Windjammer
  • Rycote Camera Mic Clamp / Hot Shoe Adaptor
  • Rycote InVision Video Hot Shoe
  • Rycote Hot Shoe Extension
  • 1/4“ Rycote Adaptor with 19mm washer
  • Rycote Hot Shoe 3/8“ Adaptor
  • Rycote InVision Video Hot Shoe
Price category   Entry level
Transducer type   Electret condenser
Polar pattern microphone   Lobe
Microphone frequency response   34 - 19,000 Hz
Dimensions   23 x 284 mm
Net weight without packaging   988 g
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