A 20

A 20

A Series

Premium headphone amplifier


With the A 20 you will rediscover your dynamic headphones.

This new headphone amplifier from beyerdynamic is perfect for all headphone applications and provides dual outputs for shared listening with a partner.


The circuit of the A20 is designed based on our legendary A 1 reference headphone amplifier. The discrete output stage provides plenty of power even for  high-impedance headphones while the dynamic, open and precise sound sets the A 20 apart from what can be found in the normal output stages of  regular amplifiers or receivers. This is confirmed by its first-class circuitry and excellent technical specifications that provide a balanced sound for long periods of comfortable listening.


Made of brushed aluminum, the housing of the A 20 is especially solid and resonance-free. Due to the innovative chassis design, no screws are visible on the external surfaces. Equipped with an original ALPS potentiometer for variable volume control, a knob turned from solid aluminum completes the attractive yet robust look of this amplifier.


With a high-gain RCA input, the A 20 works easily with most sources. The input signal can be looped through and is entirely free from signal-loss thanks to the hard-wired RCA output. Due to the built-in power supply, which is connected via a detachable power cord (supplied), no external power supply is needed avoiding disturbing background noise. Thanks to the dual headphone jacks on the front, two people can listen to the A 20 together without an adapter cable.

  • Two 6.35 mm headphone outputs 
  • Elegant and solid all-metal housing 
  • Particularly open, transparent sound 
  • Also suitable for 600 Ohms headphones
EAN   4010118716010
Dimensions   164 x 212 x 55 mm
Frequency range   10 Hz - 100 kHz (-1 dB)
T.H.D.   0.01 % at 170 mW / 250 Ω
Maximum output power   170 mW / 250 Ω
Unweighted signal-to-noise ratio   > 100 dB (unweighted)
Channel separation   > 80 dB at 1 kHz / 250 Ω
Headphone outputs   2 stereo jack outputs 6.35 mm (1/4") in parallel mode
Analog inputs   1 pair RCA
Analog outputs   1 pair RCA
Net weight without packaging   1640 g
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